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security01Selecting a security system for your new home may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. While a security system can help eachFirst Alert Home Security Alarm day to protect the things you cherish, almost as important is the sense of security it provides while you sleep or are away from home. When you purchase a First Alert Professional Security System, you’ll be getting the highest quality, most advanced state-of-the-art equipment available. Yet, the system is as easy to use as a telephone! With no blinking lights or symbols to confuse you, these keypads feature clear easy to read displays which inform you of the status of your system. The sleek, contemporary style, with its backlit keys for nighttime viewing, houses a built-in sounder to distinguish between burglary, fire, entry chime and system check conditions. While it may not be listed on the carton, peace of mind in included with each system.


The standard Smoke Detectors installed in your new home are intended to alert you and help save your life should a fire occur while you are in the house, especially at night. These detectors, however, are not monitored or supervised from outside your home. If a fire should start while you are not at home, no one would know until it was too late to prevent major damage. Protect your investment from the threat of fire by installing “Monitored Smoke Detectors” as part of a complete Home Protection System.


  • 1 Eight (8) Zone Hardwired Panel with back up battery, expandable up to 48 Zones
  • 1 Fixed Display LCD Keypad # FA220
  • 1 Passive Infrared Motion Detector in Front Door Foyer area
  • 1 Interior Sounder
  • DOORS: Magnetic contacts on all exterior passage doors for Standard Model Home.
  • (Includes passage door from the garage into the home, but not overhead doors or outside passage door into garage.)
  • WINDOWS: None
  • MONITORING: 24 Hour Monitoring is available on all Home Protection Systems! Find out how you can also get FREE monitoring for up to 3 months for your American Home Security System – call or email us NOW!!
Adding a Zone Card will allow your system to provide you with additional protective coverage areas (zones) and specific information in the event of an alarm or system problem. Each zone represents an area or specific device your system can “see.” As an example, with the standard number of zones your system might display that an alarm or problem originated in one of the windows in the Living Room area. By adding additional zone cards, up to the maximum your system can handle, your system could show you the specific or individual window involved. This might provide valuable information if an alarm had sounded or allow you to quickly determine which window was not completely closed and was preventing your system from being ready to arm. Your American Home Systems representative will be glad to discuss this feature and explain it in greater detail.
Allows the home owner to establish an additional location to arm and disarm the security system. It is used most often when a school child may routinely enter through the front door instead of the garage; at the rear basement door when you wish to secure your home while in the back yard; and in the Master Bedroom when the Basic Security System is chosen. It is referred to as a “Fixed English” keypad because it contains a limited number of words to choose from to describe the different parts of your home being covered. As an example, it could refer to an area as “Bedroom #1” or “Basement” but could not be programmed as the FA570, shown below, to display “Jim’s Bedroom Window” or “Basement Side Door”
The First Alert FA570 keypad can be customized to describe each zone of your home in the terms you would actually use to describe it. As mentioned above, instead of just displaying “Kitchen,” the FA570 could be programmed to display “Kitchen Side Door” or “Kitchen Rear Window.” Not only is this information valuable if a break-in is attempted, but it can also be very useful if you have difficulty in arming your system because some door or window is open.
Allows the home owner to take out one (1) of the standard FA220 Fixed English keypads used in the Basic Security System and upgrade that keypad to a FA570 Customizable English Keypad
Provides a single magnetic contact to protect a windows or door. In the case of double hung windows, industry standards specify that a single magnetic contact be installed on the bottom sash to protect it. Additional magnetic contacts can be added below.
Increase the protection on your double hung window by adding a second contact to the TOP SASH.
First Alert’s Universal Voice System will add an entirely new level of comfort and protection to your home. Attached to your security system, each stand alone terminal allows you to talk with the personnel at the monitoring station as well as the other terminals in your home. This two-way audio verification technology significantly reduces false alarms while providing you a “real person” to talk to during an emergency. The UVS includes a two-way voice module installed in your security panel and two (2) stand alone terminals mounted next to the keypads that come with your security system. Up to seven (7) total voice terminals can be mounted where ever you would like throughout your home. While they provide many of the features of an intercom, baby monitor and speakerphone, perhaps their greatest benefit is that they provide access to real people at your monitoring station, from where ever the terminal is installed in your home, just when you need it the most; during an emergency. Includes one (1) UVST terminal. * Requires Two-way Voice Monitoring Agreement.
security03These detectors are usually placed in main hallways to detect motion inHome Security Motion Detector the home when you are away. They are not recommended for use in areas where pets will have access when the detector is activated. There is a maximum “line of sight” range of approximately 30 feet.
These detectors are usually placed in main hallways to detect motion in the home when you are away and are designed for use in areas where a pet will have access when the detector is activated. Their sophisticated technology helps to screen out “false-positives” caused by pet movement. There is a maximum “line of sight” range of approximately 30 feet.
** Pet Guard motion detectors are designed for use with a single pet. They are designed to recognize the horizontal heat infrared heat signature presented by a pet’s body mass, not its weight. As a “rule of thumb” however, this usually correlates to a pet whose body weight is less than 80 pounds. Motion detectors are not recommended for use with cats (because of the tendency of cats to jump creating a vertical heat signature in the motion detector) or in the area of stairs since a pet running up a staircase may also be seen as a vertical heat signature.
Upgrades one (1) of the standard Passive Infrared Motion Detectors that comes with all security systems to a motion detector with “Pet–Guard”. There is a maximum “line of sight” range of approximately 30 feet.
This larger contact is intended for use when it is necessary to protect a garage or other roll up door.
This electronic monitoring device detects the sound of breaking glass and is intended to protect fixed panels of glass such as picture windows, sliding doors, etc. Utilizing multiple technologies to provide “Sound Verification, this glass break detector is the only unit of its type that is UL listed for coated and double-pane glass.
These Monitored Smoke Detectors are one of the most valuable additions you can make to your security system. One detector is installed in the hallway of each floor, in addition to the smoke alarms installed by the electrician, as part of the Deluxe Security System. Additional smoke and heat detectors can provide additional coverage to let someone know if there is a fire while the house is unoccupied.
A Heat Detector measures the “Rate of Temperature Increase” as well as the “Temperature Level.” They are useful in monitoring areas for fire when the area may normally be exposed to some smoke, such as a garage or woodworking shop.
Available for any type of gas. (propane, natural, etc.) Installation location of the detector is determined by the type of gas being monitored. Propane Gas detectors are installed 12” to 18” from the floor and Natural Gas detectors are installed 12” to 18” from the ceiling. These devices should be replaced every 5 to 7 years to maintain their sensitivity.
Wall mounted from 5’ to 8’ from the floor, but no less than 12” from the ceiling, these detectors can wake you while alerting the authorities of a dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. These units are installed near return air vents in the sleeping area or near the potential source of carbon monoxide, a fossil fuel burning device such as a furnace, water heater, etc.
These sensors will detect the presence of water or any conductive, nonflammable liquid. They are intended for placement near sump pumps, washing machines, dishwashers, etc. where flooding is possible. Being attached to the security system on their own zone, these sensors can alert the monitoring company to contact the person you designate such as a neighbor or property manager.
Frequently used for monitoring highly temperature sensitive areas, such as a wine collection, these sensors are equally useful in monitoring the overall temperature inside your home if you are frequently away for extended periods of time. Attached to their own zone on your security system and set to alarm before pipes can freeze and burst if your heating system fails, these devices can alert the monitoring company to contact a designated person to respond, such as a neighbor or property manager.
security04A Four-Button remote wireless key actually speaks system status Home Temperature Sensor Monitorin plain-English and can be programmed to allow you to remotely turn the security system on and off. Great if you have kids rushing towards the house when you pull in, or if your arms are routinely full when you get home. Additional keys can be added for every member of the family to provide the same convenience.
Additional wireless keys can be economically added to your system to allow other family members the same convenience of remotely turning the security system on and off.
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