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home automation dc maryland virginiaHome Automated Living (HAL) is ready to take you to the cutting edge of technology. NO, we can’t provide “Rosie” the Jetson’s futuristic maid (or any other robot, for that matter). But using HAL’s unique voice interface, you’ll think she is right there providing complete control of your home and all the technology in it; whether that includes traditional technologies like lights and thermostats or new technologies like personal video recorders, MP3 music players, video libraries or dozens of other systems you may add to your home tomorrow. Because we think everyone should have the maid or butler of their choice, you can choose HAL’s name and it will respond to that name just like you were on a first name basis! “Benson,” “Jeeves,” or “Raoul,” you pick the name and he or she is there! For us though, it’s “Rosie.”

home-automation2No more complicated control pad entries or button sequences to home automation dc maryland virginia remember. No blinking lights or codes to remember. All you have to do is tell Rosie what you want! You say it and Rosie responds. Easy enough? Well Rosie even takes it a step further by offering you multiple ways to talk with her. You can pick up any telephone in your home and press the “#” key and Rosie will greet you. Not at home? Then call in from any phone in the world and she is waiting. If you prefer, you can walk over to your On-Q Intercom speaker, in any room of your home, push a button and Rosie will answer. It’s a two-way conversation too, so she will confirm that she has, indeed, understood your command and will perform the requested action.

You can tell her to lower the air conditioning temperature from a room with no thermostat, close the garage door from your bed at night, or disarm the security and open the door for a repairman while you are away on a trip. Is there an easier way to turn on your outside lights when you’re returning home late at night, than to call ahead and tell Rosie

“Turn on the outside lights.”
Rosie will respond: “I’ll Turn on the outside lights, will there be anything else?”

With a HAL system and a broadband connection, any phone, anywhere in the world, enables you to virtually step inside your home and control it as if you were there. Besides controlling your home, Rosie can use your broadband Internet connection to read your E-mail to you, give you a stock quote, relay a sports score or confirm a TV listing, because she automatically harvests Internet information for use when you want it.

In addition to the controls that come with your Basic HAL System, you can decide when and if you want to add additional features to allow you to control other lights, appliances, telephones, security features, the Internet or countless other home systems and devices that use electricity. The HAL system possesses almost limitless features and can perform more tasks than can be listed here. Ask your American Home Systems representative for more information about HAL.

Want more time in your life for other things?
home-automation3Then Let HAL Do It!

Look for HAL being installed in the new homes built on ABC Network’s “Extreme Makeover – Home Edition.”

HAL-Pro Home Automation System ( 07 – 065 – HALPP )
The HAL-Pro System can perform many of your daily tasks right out of the box and has the muscle to do them all. As delivered, HAL will allow you interface and control the following:

  • Outside Lighting
  • ( Front Door and Garage Areas )
  • Inside Garage Entry Way Lighting
  • ( Mudroom and Kitchen )
  • A Compatible Security System
  • Hot Water Heater
  • One Lamp Module
  • Two HVAC Units


  • home-automation4Dell Dimension with Intel® Pentium® 4 Processorhome automation dc maryland virginia
  • (3.0GHz, 533MHz FSB)
  • 1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 400MHz
  • 80GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)
  • 16x CD-RW Drive
  • USB Keyboard – USB 2-button scroll mouse
  • Intel Graphics Media Accelerator
  • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Card
  • 2 Channel High Definition Audio Card
  • HAL-Pro 56K Voice Portal PCI Modem
  • home-automation5HAL-Pro UPB Automation Interface Hardwarehome automation dc maryland virginiahome automation dc maryland virginia
  • HAL-Pro Automation Software with:
  • HAL-Voices Module
  • Digital Music Center
  • Digital Video Camera Center
  • Watchdog Remote Access
  • 1 Dimming Fixture Modules for lights shown above
  • home-automation71 Lamp Control Modulehome automation dc maryland virginia
  • 2 Controllable HVAC Thermostats
  • 1 Hot Water Control Module
  • 1 Surge Protector AC / RG6 / CAT5e
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty PLUS 1 Year At-Home Service

HAL-Pro 900w Lighting Fixture Dimming Module
(07-065- UFD30W )

HAL-Pro 900w Lighting Fixture Slave Module ( 07 – 065 – USRW )
If more than one switch controls a light or outlet, you will
need a “Slave” module for each additional switch.

HAL-Pro Duplex Receptacle Non-Dimming Module (07-065-URD30W )

HAL-Pro Plug-In 400w Dimming Lamp Module (07-065-UML20W)

HAL-Pro Plug-In 400w Non-Dimming Appliance Module (07-065- UMA20W)

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